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Blue Dot Concierge

We know many Australians will be diagnosed with one form of cancer or another during their lifetime. We also know how devastating a diagnosis can be and the journey ahead can be difficult to navigate and overwhelming at times. Imagine how different a cancer journey would be for someone if they had a dedicated Concierge volunteer who partners with them throughout their treatment.

Our Concierge program includes:

Understanding a person’s cancer journey:

In conjunction with our referring partners, create an individual anticipated schedule including treatment timings, accommodation, and transport arrangements (if required). If staying at a Blue Dot Hotel, provide a complimentary orientation tour of the local area

Identify individual needs and ongoing support as required:

Ensure transport arrangements are in place to attend scheduled appointments.  Accompany individuals to appointments made by our referring partners, so they are not alone in waiting rooms. If required, escort person to local shopping area and help them with basic items. The cost of transport and purchases will be at the individual’s expense. If, however, the individual is confined to their room or they are unwell, the Concierge volunteer may assist in collecting prescriptions or doing some essential grocery shopping.  

Source products and services to support a person’s treatment plan:

Assist with accessing additional health services such as doctors, pharmacies, post office, chiropractor, physiotherapy, osteopaths by drawing on localized knowledge.

Maintain contact throughout the treatment plan:

Direct access to a dedicated Concierge volunteer, providing a valuable relationship that will help navigate and support people on a cancer journey. This includes keeping a connection with family members who cannot be in Perth as required.

Help to resolve issues if stumbling blocks appear:

If treatment appointment times change, the Concierge volunteer will assist in rearranging individual needs or services which may be impacted.

In summary, our Concierge program provides support and guidance to create a better experience for people on a cancer journey.  By supporting people in this way, we believe it reduces any anxiety, giving people the best opportunity to recover.

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