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We focus on the person not the disease

Throughout the personal cancer journey of our Founder, Crystal Howrie, she learnt so many things, such as there is a radiation bus that leaves from Peel hospital each day to bring patients up to Perth and drop them off at the relevant hospital for their treatment and then pick them up to go back down. 

Whilst this is a wonderful offering it got her thinking about other remote areas and she discovered there is very little cancer centres in the regions, so people have to come to Perth, leave their families and on occasions, be by themselves during that journey. She became concerned when some women chose not to have treatment from regional areas because they didn’t want to be separated from their children for any length of time. Whilst this is both humbling and extremely sad, she felt for sure there was a way to improve this process?

Blue Dot Army has created Blue Dot Hotels offering an Australian first option allowing people to have their cancer treatment in the comfort of a hotel room.  Blue Dot Hotels also has access to exclusive hotel rates with very flexible terms and conditions for people undertaking cancer treatment in Perth. For more information and to check availability contact Crystal on 0402 472 628 or email [email protected]


Metro Hotel Perth

Pan Pacific

Fraser Suites

Vines Resort

Swan River Hotel

Seashells, Cable Beach, Broome

Seashells, Mandurah

Nautica by Seashells, Fremantle

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