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I am sitting in my hotel room on the eve of my return to Cairns. I have been in WA for almost 8 weeks and I have been reflecting on my treatments here and the incredible difference Blue Dot Army has made to my cancer journey. And a journey it is as any survivor or sufferer will attest.

My first diagnosis of prostate cancer was in 2014. From that date to just weeks ago I have been on a journey of exploration and investigation in a quest to learn more about this scourge called cancer and how others can show me the best way to rise above it.

I have consulted Medical Practitioners, alternative health specialist, Dr Google and a myriad of healers all claiming to have the cure!

My Brother in law, a medical specialist with fifty years’ experience encouraged my exploration but always quietly advised “follow the science”

I could write volume about my studies and experiences in the last six years but suffice to say I finally found a treatment, a venue and technology that ticked all the boxes for my scenario, and here I am in Perth, WA the only city in Australia that has this technology.

But this letter is not about the treatment of my cancer really but more about the outstanding treatment provided to me practically, emotionally and financially thanks to the insight and implication of Crystal Howrie and her amazing organisation Blue Dot Army.

Blue Dot Army (Crystal) has been with me literally every step of the way , helping me with travel arrangements, scheduling, and helping me get oriented in a city totally unknown to me, a stress I was a little nervous about. Having a dedicated Concierge was truly amazing. 

Having to house myself during my treatment certainly had a stress component to it. One contribution alone, a very significant one, thanks to the Change500 program, was exceptionally generous by covering my accommodation cost during that time.

Again, I could go on but suffice to say Blue Dot Army has made the logistics of my Perth journey to healing as stress-free as I could imagine.

It was Because of You and the Change500 program that helped to eliminate the financial stress and for that, I am very grateful beyond words.

“This is not goodbye, but the beginning of a new friendship”


Andy R


Andy’s Story by Meditalkpodcast

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