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Riley’s story …

Imagine being a parent of 4 children and being told your youngest has a brain tumour.  Meet Riley, he is 9. Riley needs lifesaving treatment in Perth. He lives 50kms away. Help us reduce the financial burden on his family.

Imagine trying to balance your life to be with your son who is having daily radiation in the hospital and your other 3 children under the age of 15, are taken to school by others and often have meals without you.

Imagine the day to day routine for Riley’s parents being turned upside down and wondering how you are going to cope. The turmoil of deciding whether to be at a sports day celebrating with on child vs being in the hospital by your son’s bedside. 

Imagine how difficult the next 6 months will be for Riley and his family. The financial impact will create additional stress. Driving over 100km every day, filling up the petrol tank more often, planning food options on the run, sorting out school activities, laundry piling up, supervising homework, having limited family time together.

Blue Dot Army is changing the experience for Riley’s family during his cancer journey. Blue Dot Army will assist with hotel accommodation, household cleaning, and laundry, groceries, petrol, and parking to ease the financial burden that has presented since Riley’s diagnosis.

Imagine not having to come home to cook, clean, and launder for the family like you would ‘normally’ need to do. Imagine the extra time Riley’s parents will have to spend with their other three children when they get that window of opportunity to go home.

We need your help to change the experiences for Riley and his family. Funds raised will significantly reduce the financial stress for Riley’s family.

Imagine how the family would feel knowing they can be together during this extremely challenging time without worrying about some of the day to day routine tasks.

Because of you …

Your generous donation will help change the cancer experience for Riley and his family. It will make the path Riley walks a little easier.

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