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We are committed to ensuring no one is alone on their cancer treatment journey.  We do this by focusing on the person, not the disease.

The butterfly is symbolic to us at Blue Dot Army.  It means change, endurance, hope and life which are all major milestones for those on a cancer journey.

About our Change500 program

Simply put, Blue Dot Army has created a program to build our supporters to have 500 people donate $100 taxable dollars on an annual basis. The money is held in a separate ‘bank bucket’ and is activated when certain pain points are reached. This money is used to change the experience for people on a cancer journey.

Join our Army

Our Change500 program is a dedicated membership with donations administered by GiveNow (a government preferred option specialising in Not-for-Profits and Charitable collections). It is a small, intimate, boutique program making a huge difference and changing a world that many Australians either encounter themselves or encounter someone who walks this path. In return for your donation, you will receive priority access to any ticketed events before going out to the general public, we will keep you updated when big milestones are reached for our Change500 Recipients. Where possible, you will hear directly from our Change500 Recipients about how YOU helped change the experience for them on their cancer journey.

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