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My Cancer Journey – The way forward !

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As I reflect back, as strange as it may sound, I am actually grateful for my cancer journey. I
discovered so many things which I was totally unaware of until now. Having walked the path, I can
understand first hand some of the hurdles people face when they fall ill to this wicked disease.
Even though every cancer journey is different, I believe it is time to change the waiting room
experience where we can.

Through the creation of Blue Dot Army, I have a long term vision which will bring back the school
yard style mobile vaccination service we used to have. This mobile service can include a variety of
infusions and treatments for our remote areas. Through an Army of people, we can join forces and
provide a more humane service for our Indigenous and regional families and support them with a
facility which will allow them to have a better ‘waiting room experience’. Partnering with hotels, for
those who need to travel to Perth will allow a more relaxed, stress free environment. Family
members can come and stay and create some happy memories whilst travelling on a cancer journey.
I have chosen the butterfly to represent the team at Blue Dot Army as it signifies new beginnings.

We will have butterflies working with us in so many ways. Our volunteer butterflies are here to
assist where needed and are keen to help. It may be something as simple as sitting in the waiting
room with someone to support them, so they are not alone. We will take others shopping or if they
don’t want to go out, the butterflies will shop for you! We will have information sessions,
workshops and retreats involving guest speakers who will explain the path you will be required to

We will also ensure we have lots of fun and laughter.
I invite you to join me and the team of Blue Dot Army as we support the changes needed for those
who will undergo their own cancer journey. Together we can change the current systems and
processes and turn them in to a more people serviced experience.

– Madam Butterfly (aka Crystal Howrie)

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